Trogir hotel on the waterfront

All modernisations of interior , furniture and objects design do not automatically presume ambiance and local features changes.
Considering that today we have many contemporary textual and visual representations of past times, countless remains, archaeological finds etc., we may say that we know a lot about the ambience, the interior and the architecture. We can therefore quite objectively assume what a certain scene may have looked like in a given space.
Converting a house, a landmark building to the hotel while respecting all the regulations and requirements of modern hotels, as well as conservation guidelines, is a very interesting process which brings up many a times opened controversy about choosing one of the two directions in modern architecture.


The first one honours the traditions and our old cities’ soul and their lines (Plečnik), and the second one brakes up with it and becomes cosmopolitan, because that direction started where needs and opportunities emerged , built in infinite variations, equally everywhere in the world.

Therefore while creating the scene, in this baroque structure, we bare in mind the world travelers, explorers of Trogir and its history.



We might draw the interesting comparison between Kairos (Greek καιρός, Kairós), Zeus’ youngest son and today’s traveler, tourist and explorer in the eternal pursuit for happy moments and occasions. In the 4th century Trogir emblem, Kairos is depicted as a young man who is trying to catch a happy moment, so it doesn’t escape forever, because Kairos is always in a hurry.
Let us hope that many will embrace this hotel which with its uncomplicated masses, beautiful proportions and still lines, strives for elegance and simplicity that is not without poetry.



– And who are you?
– Kairos, I outrace anyone.
– Why do you walk on your toes?
– I’m always in a hurry.
– Wings on your feet, even?
– I’m faster than the wind.

(Pozidip’s epigram from the 3rd century BC depicting Kairos and Lizip’s statue.)




Lea Aviani

Date & Time

October 31, 2017