There is so much more to colours than it may appear at first. Introducing colours into space by using fabrics, coatings and paper affects your personality, creates an atmosphere and changes the mood. Pastel ice cream colours may bring freshness and a sense of purity, but if you aspire to evoke deeper emotions, you need rich, intense tones: sensual midnight blue velvet, rainstorm, deep red ruby, joie de vivre cameo pink or remarkable emerald green.

Dark tones are like bass tones in music: they contribute to the layering of the scene and with their bright tones and light they get vivacious. Spaces designed by using rich colors create more interesting relationships, provoke excitement and much stronger impression than bright and white spaces.

Colors, rich tones in particular, will shape the character of each space, create an atmosphere and ambiance which will inevitably affect how you feel. Victorian artist and critic John Ruskin said, ” The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most. ”

Colors are a very personal matter. Sometimes, people tend to neglect the ubiquitous trends and, by following their instincts ,provide a different emotion. The interiors of the famous houses are known for holding on to the original home atmosphere and designs which are compatible with the owners much more than the frequent trendy changes.

Everyone should implement the tones that all members of the household are comfortable with. A lot of people hesitate to choose strong colors or such a daring attitude in decorating their home, but the result may enrich you, and ,belive me, it’s worth a try.



Lea Aviani

Date & Time

October 31, 2017