LAP studio

August 27, 2019

hotel ambasador

June 19, 2019

mirror eho for nunc

January 18, 2019

ECHO mirrors is a series of mirror objects resulting from the idea of living in the moment. Two simple shapes can stand as a one peace or create a complex composition using variety of colours and orientations. Form, shape and colour come together to play with the perception of...


December 17, 2018

hotel Soline Bluesun hotels

trogir house

July 3, 2018


hotel Alan National Park Paklenica

June 5, 2018

Apartment Atelier

June 5, 2018

four star apartment in the heart of Split, a 120 square meters restored space with gathering space for  rentals and shoots  

thermal spa Bizovac

island house A2

February 28, 2018