mirror eho for nunc

The Eho mirror is a series of mirrors that stem from the idea of living in the moment.‎ Two simple shapes can represent a standalone exhibit just as well as a more complex composition using colors and different orientations.‎ Form, shape and color are combined in a game, to reflect a person and the surrounding space.‎ Through form, color and texture, unpredictable effects are created that play with a person’s reflection as well as the space they occupy.‎

Nunc is furniture manufactured in Croatia, in the Slavonia region, in the town of Đakovo. All the products for Nunc are designed by authors who come from the wider region and who materialized their design ideas by using an invaluable natural resource from Slavonia – durable, high quality, timeless and beautiful timber.

The EHO mirror series for NUNC kicks off at the Imm Cologne 2019. furniture fair.



Lea Aviani

Date & Time

January 18, 2019