an irreparable dreamer

When you ask what my profession is, the most honest answer would be: an irreparable dreamer. Because if I say a designer, what does that actually mean?
I apply and coordinate design on a daily basis in its various forms and under different circumstances.

I have chosen the Mediterranean as my area of activity . Split is my basis, this environment stimulates my creativity and is weaved into everything I do.
For a long time I was convinced that the future for me is somewhere else, abroad. Today I know better.



Le Corbusier says: ” ln opposition to the panic of this great dispersal a natural law must be cited : men like to gather for mutual aid……”
This is the right path for Croatian design, and everything else.
I truly believe that objects with high estetic value restore the romance and harmony of the pre-industrial age and make people happy. I strive toward complete stylistic and visual expression. But most of all, I strive for unity. It appears to me, we have never seen so little uniqneess than we see today.
Therefore it is wonderful (though rare) when like-minded , inspired individuals team up to create a total design.

The story about design is as old as humanity itself.

But to be a professional, make a living out of creating, willingly being lucid, that is a real challenge.
How to achieve this in Croatia?
Anything work-related taking place in New York, London or Paris not only becomes globally spread, a sensation, but also a guideline that soon transforms into a general development strategy and a lifestyle.
On several occasions our design echoed outside Croatia.
In May 1964, Alfred Hitchcock admired the Zadar sunset sipping the Maraschino on the waterfront.
Today we still admire the sunset at the very same spot, but we go there to greet a magnificent combination of architecture and music and a wide spectrum of the work of its author.

Miroslav Fruht wrote back in 1981, in the foreword of his book:

“The design as a creative discipline and our civilization’s phenomenon is becoming more important and more frequent topic in our country…”
And it seems as though the things have not changed much ever since.
And that’s why we discuss, we celebrate design, because design is everything. Not just a fine product, intellectual conceptualization, but also every great idea, the means of communication, behavior, meal, every fantasy, every single formation.
And we celebrate each other because we are here and because we are trying.


This text is for all those who live in Croatia.




Lea Aviani

Date & Time

January 13, 2017