Jadran Hotel

The Jadran Hotel , today owned by Bluesun, had a reputation for being one of the most prestigious larger hotels on the Adriatic coast in the1950s representing the culture of the time, linking the tradition of pre-war tourism construction with tendencies that will develop much later. The hotel, with its asymmetrical composition,is situated next to the sea on a rocky ridge at the foot of Mount Biokovo, thereby creating a wonderful interrelationship. A plastic game with depths on the facade underlines the game of light and shadows, and emphasises the rhythm.

In conceptual terms, the Bon’s programming remained, that of impressive and prestigious grand hotels as well as ”scenographic” effects . The absolute focus of the hotel is on the central spiral staircase, the most photographed interior element alongside a large terrace that floats above the sea and is in direct contact with nature. Positioning the hotel on a natural background has remained the crucial design element.

Each room in this hotel has an incredible view of the sea or the green Biokovo mountains. The room design was based on layers of found styles. The layering of the room is presented through the scenery and plans that give users the opportunity to direct their mood. This in particular applies to the lighting which creates the scenery of the room and plays with plans. The tactile wall finishes form a connection with the time in which hotel was built.

Today’s renovated appearance of this hotel wishes to evoke some other, more romantic times of tourism and relaxation and to step away from the ready-made solutions we encounter too often. The uniqeness of the Mediterranean climate and its atmosphere are the most important elements of the interior. The bright colors incorporated in the details drenched in the pastel gray base intrigue one throughout the hotel. Products designed specially for this object give the hotel a specific character.

The tendency is to restore a whiff of the true Mediterranean, a countryside movement with the natural surroundings without which this story would have never been well told.


Lea Aviani

Date & Time

May 14, 2017