marjan forest gate

This design proclaimed the validity of pure subjectivity and the expression of an idea over a realistic description of the natural world.

The door is an artistic experience of a forest with a symbolic representation of flora and fauna, and the shape looks like a shadow of the trees above. The doors have noticeable stylized shapes, so everyone will see and experience them in a different way.

The doors are constructed in Corten, a material that many sculptors and architects often use. It is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, high temperatures but also to the negative effects of proximity to the sea. However, the biggest advantage of Corten is its attractive appearance, there are several different shades on the surface of one leaf. Each leaf is a little different and doors will change color over time which is a special experience.

There are projects that are realized and performed well, but later demanding maintenance is imposed, so due to inadequate maintenance, some sculptures and projects are in poor condition, so this is what we wanted to avoid. Marjan forest door design does not require you to sand and repaint everything in two or three years and it´s maintenance does not require constant additional investment.



Lea Aviani

Date & Time

September 17, 2021