restaurant Apetit Split

Since the space is expected to support and participate, this  establishment (serving food) is  an integral part of the public space moment in which the togetherness of space and people is extremely important. On a first glence the interior has an overview of the traditional qualities of local architecture interpreted through a modern architectural vocabulary.

We followed contemporary tendencies such as adaptations and recycling interior displayed motifs of a local building tradition, vivid colours and discernible author expression, but also a progressive approach to the organization of space. The kitchen itself is both visible and hidden at the same time.

The glass screen stretched over the entire front makes a physical barrier between the interior activities and the pulsating street Subiceva. The exterior and the interior are always defined by their correlation. One entails the other. The two create the dialectic of parallel systems. The degree of (in)distinction of the boundary between them defines how they affect each other. Following the pandemia´s fear of closed spaces the new floorplan and space is created as if you are sitting in an mediterranean atrium  square, carré  and not in a closed space. Dichroic Glass used on some possition gives the space a eternal feeling of sunset. Terrazzo flooring, a reference to original roman floors with larger aggregates and locally sourced materials was chosen to blend with the original stone walls.



Lea Aviani

Date & Time

June 4, 2021