bavul for prostoria

Bavul is a multifunctional object that can be used in different spaces and for different needs. In it´s basic form it is a bench that has a high of a normal chair so can be used as a seating system in dining room or in hallway or even in living room spaces. Since Bavul is easily transformed into bed and thanks to it´s dimensions it is perfect as a sofa/additional bed in hospitality projects or private homes. Because of Bavul´s strong graphic effect and possible color combination it can blend in in different interior styles.

Name Bavul comes from Dalmatian antique chest that was a mandatory property of Dalmatian families and was used for various purposes such as storage, seating, furniture and for travel and was handed over as legacy inside the family. Bavul is produced by Prostoria in 2020.

ICONIC AWARDS Innovative Interior honours BAVUL with BEST OF BEST 2022 in the categorie – Furniture








Lea Aviani

Date & Time

June 24, 2020