design hut

DESIGN HUT is a space in the center of city Split in Croatia. In the daytime Design Hut is used by company Projectum that has expanded its scope, handling everything from interiors to product design, art direction and architecture.

But Design Hut is not only an office. It is a space where we organises free design workshops for kids and also orginises open days, events that gather people to talk about design.

For these purposes Design Hut was designed to cultivate the warm, welcoming style. We decited to reinterpret this site´s heritage rather than imposing a signature. For those reasons we created  a large empty space full of light, perspectives and symmetries, striking a balance between architecture and decoration. That spacious ambiance gives us a multifuncional base that can be changed and used for different purpuses. We strive to achieve a subtle elegance. Original column from Austro-Hungarian Empire period were restored and covered with golden leaves. Many layers of plaster were taken of from walls to recover original stone walls hidden underneith. They were carefully cleaned  and joints were filled with original plaster used in that period. In front of the space there was an empty space covered in dirt that was also not used for 50 years and with much love and care we turned it into a garden that now gives a lot of happines to us and all of our neighbours.



Lea Aviani

Date & Time

October 15, 2019