Design of the Dande chair emerged from the idea of the Mediterranean soft silhouette chair with large comfortable back rest intended for a long-term relaxation. The assymetrical large back provides several seating and reclining possibilities.

This product line is designed as a modern reinterpretation of the classic chair.The shape of the back, seemingly pouring over the structure, results from the study of the chair details common throughout history.


There are several versions of Dande chairs of which we have to mention the summer version with the seat made of knitted fabric or the outdoor version with the back made of special non-absorbent materials and fillings.

Dande chair and its soft lines are a perfect fit for either modern or classical interiors adding the Mediterranean flare into any space.

In 2015. the first Dande chair was produced, preceeded by the two years long development.


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Lea Aviani

Date & Time

December 14, 2017